ROMO HQ 2019 Update

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    Block Paving, Building, Drainage, Groundwork's


We have been engaged on this contract since October 2017 providing all aspects of groundworks.

Works carried out on this project include:

· 250 foundation pads and holding down bolts

· Ground beams

· CBR and Cube Testing

· 3500m3 of concrete works

· 2000m of 90mm and 32mm water supplies

· 6500m of ducting

· Internal and external concrete slabs

· 6000m3 of muck away

· Grouting of steel columns

· Storm and foul drainage

· 600m of Gatic/Aco channel drain

· 2600m of kerbing

· Lighting column bases

· 2000m3 of 6f2 laid

· 5000m3 of type one laid

· 175m long Gabion wall

· External paving

· 500m3 of bedrock excavation

· Shuttering works

· 300m of concrete upstands

· 120m of precast concrete cable troughs installed

· Substation bases for new incoming HV supplies including GRP housing supplied