Malvern – Clinical Waste Incinerator

Engaged on this site since September 2019 we are currently carrying out a range of civils works including in-situ concrete, pile caps, forming openings through existing concrete, suspended slabs, mezzanine decks, walls, tables and pits. 5m deep tank for cess pit, oil interceptor tank, 26m x 8m attenuation tank, all new foul and storm drainage site wide, ducting and new services. 900m2 of various external concrete slabs. 500t crane mat and plate load testing. We are also carrying out the brick and blockwork package which entails a 11m high by 12m long extension to the building. As our works near completion in June we will move on to external works of groundworks kerbing, landscaping, footpaths, grass block and 1000m2 of tarmac.

ROMO Sutton Ashfield 3 Point Construction

ROMO HQ 2019 Update


We have been engaged on this contract since October 2017 providing all aspects of groundworks.

Works carried out on this project include:

· 250 foundation pads and holding down bolts

· Ground beams

· CBR and Cube Testing

· 3500m3 of concrete works

· 2000m of 90mm and 32mm water supplies

· 6500m of ducting

· Internal and external concrete slabs

· 6000m3 of muck away

· Grouting of steel columns

· Storm and foul drainage

· 600m of Gatic/Aco channel drain

· 2600m of kerbing

· Lighting column bases

· 2000m3 of 6f2 laid

· 5000m3 of type one laid

· 175m long Gabion wall

· External paving

· 500m3 of bedrock excavation

· Shuttering works

· 300m of concrete upstands

· 120m of precast concrete cable troughs installed

· Substation bases for new incoming HV supplies including GRP housing supplied

Racecourse Retail Construction

Racecourse Retail Park – Aintree

This project involved redeveloping an existing retail unit to make way for a new Next store. Works carried out on this unit include but not limited to:

Break out 144 holes in the floor slab for piling, pile caps, lift pit full construction, escalator pit, de-watering, underpinning, floor slab extension, glazing foundations, steel fixing, shuttering, block paving, ground level changes, kerbs, asphalt, drainage connections, demolition works, joinery works, foul drainage, pop-ups, manholes, street furniture.

Pier Point Retail Park Construction Car Park

Pierpoint Retail Park – Kings Lynn

This project consisted of the transformation of four existing retail units into new stores for Next, Tapi, DFS and B&M along with the resurfacing of the car park. Works carried out on this project include but not limited to:

Concrete floor slab extension, ACO slot drains, gulley pots, PCC chambers, metered water supplies, BT ducts, electric ducts, draw pits, new kerb lines, concrete ramps, retaining walls, ground level changes, brickwork, manholes, storm and foul pipes, pop-ups, footpaths, block paving, bollards, stop blocks, fencing, kee-klamp, sub-station bases, knee-rail fencing, trolley bays, class M handrails, metal work painting, car park resurfacing, white lining, palisade fencing, Armco barrier, street furniture, methane vent pipes, lift pit infill, blockwork repair, channels, full construction tarmac, cycle hoops, speed bumps, topsoil, concrete slabs, formwork, paving slabs, concrete foundations, hard-standings

Festival Retail Park Slabbing

Festival Retail Park – Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent

The project comprised of demolishing a Toys’R’Us back to shell and dividing the unit into a new store for both Next and River Island. Works carried out during the project include but are not limited to:

Core drilling 100 holes into the floor slab for piling to enable a mezzanine floor to be installed, pile caps, double lift pit, single lift pit, double escalator pit, 360m2 concrete floor slab extension, cube testing, shuttering, steel fixing, bolt boxes, demolition, piling mats, ventform, methane vent system, ground beams, paving, new kerb lines, full construction tarmac, white lining, bollards, new storm drainage system, new foul system, street furniture.

Welwyn Equestrian Centre Stevenage

Welwyn Equestrian Centre – Welwyn, Stevenage

On this project we converted one of the fields into a new carpark 1800m2 in size, constructed a new road with kerbs, edgings and ACO drain, partly full construction tarmac and partly overlay. Break out existing concrete stables and yard area and reinstate with tarmac to allow horse boxes through the stable yard.

After completing these works, they explained to us that they were having problems with flooding and if we could alleviate the issue in any way. We agreed upon the idea of a soakaway system and proceeded to install 160m of perforated land drain to their nearby field in which we created a 30m3 soakaway. This proved to be effective at the next downpour and solved all flooding issues. They then asked us to install a garage base slab and two new concrete slabs for stables and a new concrete stable yard complete with gulley drains and ACO drain connected into the new soakaway system.

Romo HQ Sutton Groundworks

Romo HQ – Sutton-In-Ashfield

We are currently engaged on this contract to provide 250 foundation pads and bolt boxes for the new warehouse. This involves excavating down to bedrock some 4m in places, filling with concrete and inserting holding down bolts for the steel columns to sit on. We have currently laid around 2900 cubic meters of concrete. Works also undertaken include:

90mm mains and 32mm water supply install including manholes, control valves and check valve, 5500 tonnes of excavation and muck shift, grouting, temporary drainage, ground beams, shuttering, blockwork, substation concrete base, CBR testing, cube testing, concrete slabs, ducting to lower existing HV and street lighting cable, full construction entrance road, fencing, CCTV drainage survey.

Bardney Poultry Farm

Bardney Poultry Farm A & B – Bardney, Lincoln

New IPPC framework brought out by the Environment Agency resulted in the need for modernising two poultry farms in Bardney. Work carried out by ourselves on this project include the following:

5800m2 of ashphalt including 31 road gulleys and storm system, 1000m2 of breaking out concrete yard slab and reinstating, 400m of kerbing, 900m of new land drain system, 850m of new foul system connected into new 30,000 litre Spel storage tanks, 24 manholes, 1450m of gas and water services, concrete slab bases, installation of domestic foul system including Klargester Biodisc.